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The Italian's best-selling car of all time

Italy is the home of beautiful cars and sports cars, but what was the best-selling Italian car?
All over the world know the name of Ferrari and Lamborghini, synonymous with sports cars, but is FIAT (now FCA) to have sold more cars.
The Italian's best-selling car in the world: 20 million copies:
The FIAT 124 is a subcompact car built between 1968 and 1974.
He had a displacement of 1,200 cc and an output of 60 horsepower,
In Italy they were sold 4 million copies, but it is in Russia that this car was a huge success: 14 million units sold.
This car was built by LADA, industry of the former USSR, and was identical to the Italian car, FIAT had in fact sold the patent and license to build. It was called 'Lada Zhigulì'.
Even factories Spanish and Indian, they built it, and another 2 million copies were sold in India and Spain, for a total of 20 million cars sold worldwide.

Disoccupato riceve cartella esattoriale da equitalia per 160 milioni di euro

Ecco un'altra storia di burocrazia tutta italiana. Un disoccupato si è visto arrivare una cartella esattorialeda 161 milioni di euro da Equitalia.

In teoria non si tratta nemmeno di uno sbaglio, perché sono anni che Equitalia vuole tutti questi soldi da quest'uomo di cinquanta anni, ex operaio ora disoccupato di Cermetate, in Provincia di Como.

Un debito di 161 milioni di euro con Equitalia, e ora?

Top Richest Italian Singers

Have you ever wondered to, what is the richest Italian singer rin history? Who was the Italian musician, who became the richest of them all?
To estimate today, it is not simple.
The music world has changed a lot over time.
The first revolution occurred in early 1900, when they reached the vinyl records.
Everyone started to buy the first disc which was recorded two songs, one on each side, the disks they cost very little and even the less well off could afford them.
The second great revolution has arrived with the digital, in the late 90's, early 2000.
Both internet, listening in streaming, but also the digital download has revolutionized a little everything.
Now hardly an artist earns money by selling songs, ie via download, but a series of things, that is, the concerts, the number of views of video, participation in television programs and finally the download.
Sometimes however, there are still many singers who earn almost exclusively by paid downloads, but they are no longer th…